Yes, you read correctly.  A task force formed by the city's biggest school district to show people that it's learned it's lesson after it's former superintendant bilked taxpayers out of half a million dollars on a contract for his former girlfriend AND bilked who knows how many kids out of an education with a grade fixing scheme designed to line his pockets with bonuses, actually thought it was a super idea to hold it's first meeting in a place that required x-ray vision to see what was going on.

The task force was formed to try and do the one thing their first meeting failed at miserably - bring trust back to EPISD.  It is made up of 12 community and business leaders, half of whom didn't show up for the meeting, two of whom resigned before the meeting, and some of whom had so much confidence in the task force's mission, that they asked their lawyers what they thought about it.

Their lawyers told them they shouldn't take part in the task force, and I'm quoting the task force's spokesperson, "if they will be under public scrutiny".

Yay transparency!

I know this all sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit, and if you read the El Paso Times story, you'll be laughing through your taxpayer tears.  I don't know who is giving the El Paso Independant School District advice, nor can I figure out why they are listening to said advice, but the advice I'm giving them is STOP LISTENING TO STUPID ADVICE!!

Back in May, I wrote an opinion piece about three El Paso area school districts.  In it, I urged EPISD to get it's act together because there are an awful lot of pissed off residents out here in Taxpayerland.  Clearly, they don't listen to me, but maybe they'll listen to you.  Here is the contact information for EPISD.  Let them know how you feel about all this transparency.

By the way, the task force plans to meet again before the end of this month - I'm guessing we won't be invited to that one either.