Alone this Halloween? Don't fret! Here are some reasons it's pretty cool to be single on all hollow's eve!


Patty Campos


  • 1

    You Can Hook Up

    I don't know if it's the costumes or what, but Halloween seems to be more sexually driven and you end up wanting to hook up. Call me crazy but maybe it's the half naked women? Just a hunch...

  • 2

    Ladies Get To Be Sexy

    This goes back to my previous reason. Halloween is a time girls get to be slutty and no one can say anything about it, there I said it. So skank it up, if that's your thing!

  • 3

    Guys Can Enjoy The Eye Candy

    Pretty self explanatory here, all you single guys can enjoy the half naked women!

  • 4

    SPending Time With Your Friends

    I thought this one was kind of dumb. Only because you should be able to have friend time even in a relationship. If your other half doesn't let you spend time with friends that is a call for action, maybe a call to make yourself single.

  • 5

    No Couple Costumes

    This has got to be somewhat annoying depending on what the couple costume is. If it's just to dress alike, that has got to be the worst! Be original!