Online you can see all the different Halloween costumes out there and you can get everything from a Duck Dynasty star to The Hunger Games' Girl on Fire. Here is my list of the hottest celebrity Halloween costumes for 2013.

  • 1

    Duck Dynasty

    A&E's hit television series "Duck Dynasty" has every guy growing out his beard, wearing a bandana and looking for the best camo outfits out there. Or you can buy one already made like this one here.

    Duck Dynasty Willie Halloween Costume
  • 2

    Great Gatsby 1920's Character

    This movie brought the glamor and glitz of the roaring '20s to life! Now this Halloween, I suspect we will see tons of sexy flappers and dapper gentlemen all over this Halloween. You can check out some gorgeous flapper costumes here.

    Sexy 1920's flapper girl
  • 3

    Breaking Bad

    This show's popularity is through the roof right now and everyone I know is watching. Since this is the last season, this will be the last time you can wear this costume and everyone will immediately know who you are. Plus, since this show is based in Albuquerque it has even more value! You can buy an outfit like this here.

    Walter White Costume
  • 4

    Hunger Games

    If you want to be the Girl on Fire, there are a few different looks you can go for. There is hunting Katniss, arena Katniss, the Reaping Katniss, Girl on Fire, Opening Ceremony Katniss, and evening gown Katniss. It just depends on which look you want to go for. My favorite? It has to be Opening Ceremony Katniss. Here is an awesome costume I found on Etsy that replicates that look.

    Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Opening Ceremony Costume
  • 5

    Daenerys Targaryen

    If I could pull off the blonde wig, this would be my costume in a heartbeat! Once again, there are so many different ways you could be the Khaleesi: wedding Khaleesi, warrior Khaleesi, the riding outfit or her dress from the city of Qarth. My favorite? the wedding dress. You can find this version on Etsy as well.

    Daenerys Targaryen Wedding Dress
  • 6

    Miley Cyrus VMA Performance

    This daring outfit is for a woman who wants all the attention! Hopefully you have a little more bum than Miley to fill this out. You can wear this two ways: the pre-stripping teddy bear leotard, or the vinyl bra and booty short set. No worries, I have both costumes available for you to check out. Or you can be the sexy girls from the video, which had a little bit more tasteful outfits. There is a how to guide here for you to check out how to do that.

    Miley Cyrus Teddy Bear Leotard
  • 7

    Amanda Bynes

    Amanda Bynes went crazy this year and this is going to be a fun costume for any girl to dress up in. I do not recommend you carry around a dog on fire though, maybe a stuffed chihuahua doll instead. Here is a how to guide on how to dress up as this year's biggest hot mess.

    Neilson Barnard, Getty Images