That little ol' band from Texas will continue to tour just like former bandmate Dusty Hill would have wanted, giving the green light for El Paso's concert date in December.

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Hold on to those tickets for the upcoming ZZ Top show in El Paso because the band continues touring even after the death of longtime bandmate Dusty Hill.

On July 30, ZZ Top played their first concert without Hill after announcing his death just a few short days earlier. The legendary group performed live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with the group’s guitar tech, Elwood Francis, filling in for Hill.

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That same night a fan who goes by the handle Metal Speck posted on YouTube the moment when guitarist Billy Gibbons told their fans that Hill "gave the directive" for Francis to fill in and continue the tour even after his death.

Fans in El Paso will still get their chance to see ZZ Top once again when they head to the Sun City for their fall performance at the Abraham Chavez Theatre in December.

You might want to act fast if you plan to attend because this show is close to selling out.

Tickets are on sale via or at the Plaza Theatre Box office or by calling 915-231-1100.

Dusty Hill played with the Houston-based group for over five decades, beginning in 1970, a year after the band formed alongside guitarist/singer Billy Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard generating 15 studio albums so far.

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