Zayn Malik is truly reinventing himself. Just a month ago, he was a long-haired icon in a wildly popular boy band. Now he's a solo artist with a shaved head. Is your heart breaking about this haircut-related news? It shouldn't be.

Why? Because Zayn still looks damn good. Let's face it — he always looks good, whether his hair is long or short. Actually, this new 'do gives Zayn a much more mature look, making grown woman everywhere feel a little bit better about finding him attractive. Think of it this way — remember when Justin Bieber lost his trademark shaggy locks and instantly starting looking so much older? Yeah, it's kind of like that.

Clearly plenty of Zayn fans are still into him sans hair — the Mirror shared a video of the star navigating crowds during his hairstyle's debut and he was completely mobbed by adoring fans who didn't seem bothered in the least by the whole shaved head thing.

It also makes a lot of sense that Zayn chose right now to make a big change. After all, we first spotted the singer out with the new look for his first public appearance since quitting One Direction, which doesn't seem like a coincidence.

It seems like Zayn is doing his part to establish himself in a new light, which makes sense. After all, it isn't easy for just anyone to establish himself as a solo act after being a part of something as massive as One Direction. But we certainly think Zayn is up to the task.

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