I guess the hard part would be stopping after one drink so you can continue to look your best.

A new study published in the Alcohol and Alcoholism journal studied how attractive people perceive someone while they drink. Ever wonder if there's a difference in the way you look sober, or even after just one drink? I have. Well, researches took pictures of students sober, after one glass of wine and after two glasses of wine.  Then they had another group of sober students look at the photos and decide which photo the person look the most attractive. The winner? The face after having one glass of wine. Second place was the sober face and then in last place came the face after two drinks.

Now why do the researchers think this happened? After drinking one glass of wine, your pupils dilate making your eyes more appealing, your cheeks get a subtle rosy glow and your muscles relax a little bit.

So if you want to look your best and most attractive to potential suitors, grab one glass of wine and sip it for the night.