Whataburger is taking one gigantic step into the digital age with their newest locations that will be opening up soon in Bee Cave, Texas, just outside of Austin!

But don't expect to set foot inside the location because there will be no dining room! The first ever "Digital Kitchen" Whataburger will be a location where customers order meals at outdoor kiosks, or through the app or website, rather than at a counter or in a drive-thru. Customers will then be able to pick up their food through a "food locker".

It seems a bit confusing, to me at least, that the location looks like a regular Whataburger but won't be allowing customers inside. I'm sure it will confuse some customers- especially those who are hesitant of getting the app (looking at you, Buzz Adams!).

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This "digital kitchen" seems to eliminate any sort of human contact, which is perfect for those who don't care to make small talk with the employees! Much like the first ever fully-automated McDonald's that opened up in Fort Worth earlier this year, the "Digital Kitchen" Whataburger will still have employees inside making the food, but this Whataburger is strictly for those who are on the go!

The Whataburger, which will be located at 3201 Bee Cave Road, is expected to open up soon.

I think we're all already used to dealing with machines at fast food places. If you go into a McDonald's now, you can either order at the counter with a worker taking your order, or you can order on the touch screens at the entrance. And I think Whataburger has a very efficient ordering process through their app. We'll have to wait and see if this is a hit in Bee Cave to see if its Digital Kitchen will expand to other lactations.

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