If you spew chunks right after popping the question, maybe marriage isn't for you.

Darrell Hamilton Jr. threw up immediately after proposing to his girlfriend, Rheanna Faye, while they were on a helicopter ride in Reedley, Calif.

Hamilton had the whole thing planned, but forgot one crucial detail: the motion sickness that would get the better of him while they were airborne.

Around the 1:25 mark, he taps Faye and asks if she'll marry him. The words are barely out of his mouth when chunks follow and he barfs.

Silver lining to the whole ordeal: he didn't hurl on the ring. That would've been really bad. Fortunately, Hamilton got himself fixed up enough to place the ring on Faye's finger. If she's gonna stick with you through vomit town, then you've found a keeper, buddy.

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