A video I found on YouTube lists a local's 5 least favorite things about living in El Paso.

The guy who created the video had, at teh time the video was first posted, lived in El Paso for 2 years. In that time, he decided what the top 5 things that suck about El Paso were.

I don't agree with him on all of them but he's dead right about the first one.

Spring Winds And Dust Storms

I will totally give him this one. Neither my allergies, my hair, my backyard furniture or the shingles on my rood care for the crazy winds El Paso deals with every year from, (roughly) February through late May/early June.

About 4 months of low visibility, sneezing and getting sandblasted. Not fun, point-Pena.

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Sun And Heat

It does get pretty hot around here but, I would think, most people expect that when moving to the desert. If heat is not your thing then, yeajh, El Paso may not suit you too well.

On the other hand, there are some health benefits to living in warm climates, the temps keep our winters really mild and you can swim, (or at least relax by the pool), just about, all year here.

I don't see this as a strike. No point.

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Road Construction

Ok, I have to give this guy a point here too.

Road construction is a pain in the butt, no matter where you are. Especially when TXDoT decides to do every major road repair at the same freakin' time.


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Bad Service

You can get bad service anywhere so this isn't really something to judge a place over, let alone an entire city. One person can wreck a business and/or a person's rep but it's not exactly rampant around El Chuco.

I've had WAY more positive experiences when it comes to customer service here than bad ones. (Area contractors do have a bit of bad rep though.) Bad service is pretty much everywhere but rare here in my opinion and, when it does happen, a short talk with whoever's in charge typically straightens things out.

No point.

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Property Taxes

Nobody likes taxes and everybody feels that theirs are too high. Getting someone to disagree with that statement would be tough anywhere, no matter what rate they were paying so, this is a "gimme".

No point but I'm not arguing with him on this one either.

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