So many things have changed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. School, shopping, family gatherings, going to a bar or restaurant, and especially holidays have been affected by the coronavirus.

Easter was the first holiday that we had inside of the pandemic and it was the first time we realized we were going to have to rethink the way we celebrate special days. There was no church, no Easter Bunny photos, and no shopping for new Easter clothes. It sucked. Then we went through the Fourth of July and other holidays and days of celebration with city officials asking us to not get together to stay safe and to limit our exposure to the coronavirus.

Now we're heading into THE holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are quickly approaching and earlier this week, Los Angeles County said they were banning trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treating. Needless to say, that did not go over well with people in LA. Just a couple of days later, they walked back their ban and said that traditional Halloween activities weren't recommended.

Needless to say, other cities around the country are watching each other to see if they should put a ban in place. It would be next to impossible to put a ban into place so it's unlikely that will happen, but just in case, I posed the question to El Paso city officials. Here's their answer:

"At this point we are monitoring the results from Labor Day weekend before making a decision about Halloween and any potential restrictions."

That sounds pretty benign but really, what else can they say? We all know there is no way to put a ban into place, and we all know that even if there was a ban, people wouldn't follow it. The best thing to do is decide what you are comfortable with and mask up so you don't expose others and you don't get exposed.

Happy Halloween?

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