A Central El Paso home is famous thanks to Khalid.

The single family brick home located in the 5 Points area is prominently featured on the cover of his latest project – an EP titled “Sun City”.

The photo shows Khalid sitting on a small rock wall that runs along the property, staring pensively into the distance, with the '50s era home and a beat up Mustang in the background.

Locals who love and worship him are already flocking to the house to sit on the same rock wall and mimic his pose for the ‘gram. As rabid a fan base as Khalid has, it wouldn't surprise me if out-of-towners make it their mission to find the home and do the same. Kind of like our own "Breaking Bad" Albuquerque home -- only with less pizzas being tossed onto the roof.


If you plan to make a pilgrimage, you might have to pony up. Deana Estrada, who sent us the photo below, said the homeowners are already attempting to cash in on their properties new found fame. "When we stopped to take this picture, they walked out and told us that they are charging $5 to take the picture," Deana wrote.

And if you do intend to go, keep in mind that the home is private property. Do not enter the premises, and please be respectful.

Submitted by Deana Estrada‎

Unless you’ve been in a years-long coma, you've no doubt heard of the 20-year-old Khalid and his love for our city. From the jump, he has name-checked and repped “the 9-1-5” on the national stage. The "Sun City" EP is his latest nod to his adopted hometown.