Hi, I'm Tricia, and I'm a Coke addict.  I have no problem admitting my hopeless devotion to the elixir of life, Coca Cola.  I know some people say it's bad for you, but I say, you'll get me to give up that carmel-y, fizzy, ice cold blast of goodness when you pry it's shiny red can from my hand!

Wait a minute.  What the heck happened to the shiny red can?

It's WHITE?!  NOOOOOOOOOO!  Don't tell me there is another nefarious change to Coca Cola!  Didn't they learn their lesson with (I can hardly say the words) New Coke?

Coke cleaned up that mess and went back to The Real Thing, but now they've changed their colors!  Yahoo is reporting that some people say they've even changed the taste again!

Relax, Skippy - the only thing Coke did was change the color of the can to winter white for the holidays, but a huge backlash made them can the white cans and bring back the red.  Smart move.  We Coke addicts are a testy bunch, and we don't take kindly to change.  So have you tasted the white can Coke?  I haven't, and I won't.  I like my Coke cold from the fridge, over ice, and in a red shiny can.

Here's a classic Pepsi commercial that mocks New Coke:


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