I do love me a good drink, especially a good glass of Scotch. The whole ceremony of placing a perfect ice cube in a gleaming highball glass and pouring an amber-colored stream of Scotch over that cold cube.

Excuse me, but I might need a minute.

Ok, I'm good.

When I heard that Glenlivet developed what looked to be Tide pods of whiskey I thought, we really do stray from God's light more and more these days. I thought we were trying to not get people to injest things in pods. Did we not learn anything from the Tide Pod Challenge?

Look, I'm not going to be getting my Scotch in a pod, ever, but there are somethings that I think would be great in a pod:

1. Spaghetti - Think about it. There is nothing like some delicious spaghetti and meat sauce, but a lot of us can't eat it without making a mess on our shirts. And you can't eat spaghetti if you're driving. A pod of spaghetti would keep you neat and clean and you could eat it on the run.

2. Chocolate pudding - Or really any pudding for that matter. 90s kids used to love Gushers and this would be the grown up version. You could even eat two or three different flavored pods and customize your gush.

3. Frappuccino - This is genius. It's a hot summer day. You need a little caffeine boost, but you need something cold to drink. An ice cold frappuccino pod is just the thing. It's cold on your tongue so it cools you off and then when you bite into it, you get that coffee pick-me-up.

Whiskey in a pod? No. But food pods are a completely crazy idea.

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