Chico's Tacos is an El Paso tradition, and with four remaining locations, we are asking – which is the best location to hit up?  

There are four remaining Chico's Tacos in El Paso, located off Dyer, Alameda, George Dieter, and Montwood.  

I recently had a friend who came into town who wanted to know which of all the Chico's Tacos was the best one, so I asked around, and most said that they preferred the location off Alameda.

So which Chico's Tacos location is the best?  

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Don't get me wrong, El Pasoans will experience the same rolled tacos or hotdog burgers at each location – but the atmosphere also has much to do with how tasty your meal ends up.  

Cynthia Rodriguez

My favorite Chico's Tacos was the location on Chelsea; before CVS took over. After that location closed, the Chico's off Alameda, down the street from the Children's Hospital and Jefferson High, became my next favorite. 

What makes this location so attractive to me is that it still has the old feel and look. The tables and ordering area are all old-school style – unlike the newer sites off Montwood and George Dieter.

Edward Gallardo III

Another favorite and probably the best of all the Chico's Tacos locations was the one located off McRae, but sadly that site has been closed for years now.  

Of course, visiting your nearest Chico's Tacos comes down to convenience and proximity, but I've known family members and friends who will drive miles to hit up their favorite location.  

Miguel Vigil

No matter which Chico's Tacos location you end up visiting, just remember that you'll need cash to enjoy the rolled taco El Paso tradition

So which is your favorite Chico's location – Take our poll; inquiring minds want to know: 

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