The El Paso Times recently held a reader's online poll to see who had the best hamburgers in El Paso. The winner was "Frisco Burger" on Yarbrough, with "Rosco's and "Toro Burger" coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. I'm taking an online poll to see what the all-time best burger in El Paso was, and that includes Hamburger joints that are no longer in business. With that set of criteria, my vote goes to, "Ray's Bassett Burger". Ray's was located at the corner edge of what is now Bassett Place Shopping Center. During lunch time back in the day, Ray's Bassett Burger was packed with customers that included, businessman, nurses, construction workers, high school and college students, doctors, and everybody else that enjoyed the juiciest hamburgers this side of the Pecos.  Oh, how I miss "Ray's Bassett Burger' !!