You know that one feeling where you really want some Whataburger but it's, like, 10 at night and you don't want to get up to go get it? We're in a pandemic, I'm not judging, this has happened to me more often than I care to admit. Well, now add to the list of good things to come out of this pandemic: Whataburger is now offering delivery! That's right, you can get your number 4 with a Dr. Pepper shake delivered straight to your doorstep!

Making the announcement on Twitter, which they are very active on and you should totally follow Whataburger on Twitter, Texans rejoiced:

According to Whataburger, you can choose the delivery option on their app, which is free to download, when you go to check out. Orders are delivered through a third-party service and are packaged in sealed bags for safety and security. Whataburger delivery has been available through Favor or Postmates, but with this you order directly from the app. According to Whataburger, here's how you can enjoy delivery:

  1. Place your Order: Open your Whataburger App or click the ORDER button on (top right) and create your order, just like you like it, and proceed to Check Out.
  2. Select Your Pickup Method: Begin the Check Out process and select Delivery as your Pickup Method.
  3. Add Your Delivery Address: Input the address where you'd like your order delivered (you can include any special instructions, here, if needed).
  4. Set Your Delivery Time: Select the time you'd like your order to arrive to you. You can select ASAP and see a timing estimate for delivery, or you can schedule a pickup time, up to 24 hours in advance.
  5. Confirm & Pay: First, you may add a tip. Next, verify your order details. Finally, place your order.
  6. Kick Back & Relax: Put on your PJs (or don't - we'll never know) and kick up your feet! Your order will be delivered directly to your front door (or, wherever you've instructed us to take it). You can check the status of your delivery on the app or by clicking the link in your order confirmation email.

So, what's the first thing you're ordering?

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