Feeling stuffed and need to get out of the house after all the carbs? Why not be active and burn off the meal!......So you can go back for seconds! The family is all around and you are playing board games and the football watching is on...how about take the family Ice Skating! Holidays on Ice will be running on Thanksgiving day from noon to 3pm and it is a blast! I went about three times last year and got better and better each time! Take the Family!


Patty Campos
Patty Campos

If that isn't your style I have a project for the kids and for all the relatives! We will be sending out another batch of letters to our troops in Afghanistan December 1st, so sit down and write a good old fashion thank you letter to a soldier who is fighting for our freedom while you are enjoying the holidays warm, inside with plenty of food and with family. It's the least we can do! Send it to our studios: C/O Kiss FM's Letters from Home Project 4180 N. Mesa El Paso TX 79902.

Have fun tomorrow eating all that food and enjoying your family!

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