The government is in shutdown mode, and that could mean a problem for people who rely on some federal programs, such as WIC. WIC is the women, infants and children food program that helps people who might not be able to put food on their table, do so. But because of the government shutdown, there might be a problem with the program.

The WIC program has been through previous government shutdowns. In the past, the program has run on contingency funds. The USDA says while there are contingency funds available, there are only enough funds for a couple of weeks. If that money runs out, it is possible that women and children who are dependent on the WIC funding might not get it.

KTSM spoke to a local supermarket that could also feel the impact of the government shutdown if WIC funds run out. Silva's Supermarket co-owner says the majority of the people who shop in his store get some type of government benefits like food stamps or WIC, and that means much of their sales are dependent on those programs as well.

It's not known how long this latest government shutdown will last, but hopefully it won't last so long that it affects those who are reliant on these programs.

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