According to  the Business Dictionary the definition of perks at work is as follows:  Informal word for perquisites which are privileges granted to employees in addition to their salaries and benefits (such as medial and pension plans). 'True' perks have little or no cash value or tax implications and may include company car, vacations, reserved parking space, spacious office, private dining and washroom facilities, etc.

I was reading on MSN about Manny Ramirez's (professional outfielder and 19 season MLB) contract and what perks it included, a driver for his mercedes along with all-you-can-eat sushi ALL season long.

We have all heard about what Google does for there employee's which includes free juice bars and coffee through the work place along with FREE breakfast, lunch, and dinner for those late night work sessions according to  Oh, you can take your puppy dog to work too.  "Arff, Arff."

Who doesn't remember reading about Ikea, how they gave hourly workers and salaried workers in the United States to mothers and fathers who are birth, adoptive, or foster parents up to four months of paid parental leave according to the Associated Press.

Let's talk about the venti at Starbucks. Baristas, most of whom work part-time, get the health insurance benefits the company offers to full timers.  That is a rarity for most retail in part-time jobs according to

EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera will receive 35 vacation days, that is an extra 15 days than before.  So the district will pay Mr. Cabrera for any unused Va-k days, so if he doesn't use those off days, he could get an additional $54k a year according to the El Paso Times.

I have worked in the fragrance and radio biz all my life.  Those are the only 2 jobs I have ever had, so I can say, "I AM THE BEST SMELLING MAN IN RADIO" AND "I KNOW HOW TO EAT PIZZA" BUT most of all both gigs gave me the thing I love…YOU GET TO MEET SO MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE FROM SO MANY WALKS OF LIFE!  I really do love it!


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