Living in the desert doesn't have to be boring. If you're the kind of person that loves being outdoors, you can have plenty of fun on the dunes, especially at White Sands National Park in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Aside from the wildlife, there's plenty of space for hiking & camping,

Or perhaps you want to launch giant air balloons into the bright blue sky...

Hot air balloons in Alamogordo, New Mexico
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But is White Sands home to the best sand dunes close to El Paso? According to one Reddit user, TexanLiberty22, there might be one better...

The Samalayuca Dunes outside of Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico.

For years natives & outdoor lovers have considered the Samalayuca Dunes, one of Mexico's "best kept secrets". In 2009, the Dunes were considered a protected area which means...people are allowed to go & have fun in the sand.

But now this raises a question... which place is better? White Sands or Samalayuca?

On one hand you can definitely have fun taking your off road toys & driving at your heart's content in Samalayuca. At White's a national park but you can still have fun. People still go out & post their videos of their enjoying the sands.

Another thing that White Sands has is the notoriety factor: people know that it was (and still is) a very popular location for filming movies/tv shows & documentaries since 1950. Not to mention the V-2 Launching Site has seen countless military tests through out history. So any history buffs would love knowing about the history of the place.

V2 Rocket
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But if you're going in terms on which place is more FUN to be at... I think the fun factor honestly might in favor of the Samalayuca Dunes...

It's hard for me to decide on which one is better than the other. I think both areas are beautiful & you can have an equal amount of fun at both places. So which one is better? Well...that's up to YOUR personal taste.

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