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Halloween is just around the corner and you don't want to be the one to receive a trick for giving out bad candy. Usually, you will find fun-sized chocolate bars and fruit snacks in children's' trick-or-treat bags. This Halloween you should be the cool house on the block and handout one of these unique sweets. 

Zombie Skittles

I have had the luxury to try a zombie flavored skittle. It is so bad but the other flavors in the bag are so delicious. Kids these days love to have fun with this type of candy challenge, so why not give them the gift of candy and a fun little game all in one.



Box of Boogers

I've heard people call kids little booger eaters, so why not play into that stereotype with this gummy candy. A genius idea, this box of boogers can be placed into little bags you can make for Halloween parties or be brave and hand your favorite trick-or-treaters a full box. 


Gummy Body Parts Candy

Who doesn't want to eat a gummy thumb? Losers, that is who! You can hand out gummy brains, eyes, thumbs, feet, and ears. If you see anyone dressed up like Mike Tyson, you better hand them an ear.


Bag of Poop

I have no idea what flavor this cotton candy will really be, but it is a nasty illusion. You can purchase these for those kids who might show up in no costume and still demand candy. The gift of a bag of poo can go a long way.


Unicorn Tears

These tubs of unicorn tears are a sweet way to make any trick-or-treat smile. You can even tell the children that these are magic tears and will help them with their homework. Grab some of these babies to share with children, but we know the parents will end up stealing them because they are so darn cute!