Halloween is the time for tons of companies to come up with weird Halloween items. They usually stress the idea of these treats are limited edition and the best thing for you this holiday. Of course, it is all just one big gimmick to take advantage of the ever changing seasons. The zombie frappucino is one of these treats designed to take your money and leave you feeling like a ghoul.

I am one of those foolish mortals who fell into undead emotions over the treat. The taste of the creepy creation was said to be similar to a caramel apple, which it did. If the caramel apple of just pure caramel with apple bits. The sugar over powered any fruity flavor, but it had a magical power to it. With each sip, the drinks flavor seemed to improve or it was just a possession of the taste buds from the sugar overload.

Either way, the only person out of the four to try it was Tricia from Mike and Tricia mornings. The first gimmick frappucino from Starbucks was the unicorn frapp, which Tricia hated. Now the zombie frapp actually won her over and she had to fight going to get one for herself.

My sisters from the sister station, Lisa and Joanna took a shot of the zombie goo. They weren't too happy with the appearance and gagged at the taste. If liquor was put into it, they probably would have enjoyed it.

As a finally review, I would probably never crave one of these undead creations. It is okay for about five sips, but six is just one too many. Starbucks is great at creating Instagram friendly drinks, but the taste needs some magic spell to actually make the flavor taste good and not like a decaying body. Not that I would know what a decaying body would taste like. Just trying to keep with the zombie them.

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