Remember how cool your high school years were? Everyone hanging out in the hallway, goofing around, eating pizza. Yeah, that wasn't my experience either, but if the music video for El Paso singer Khalid's new single is any indication, his time at Americas High was much more blissful than mine.

The video for Young Dumb & Broke, the catchy follow-up to his multi-platinum debut single Location, features the recent graduate living the idyllic carefree life of teens being, well, "young, dumb and broke high school kids."

The clip is also getting a lot of attention for a cameo from actor Dennis Haskins who starred as Principal Belding on the '90s TV show Saved By The Bell, and blink-and-you’ll miss them appearances from actress Rachel Leigh Cook (best known for her starring roles in She's All That and Josie and the Pussycats) and Normani Kordei of the group Fifth Harmony.

Check out the video above, and just try not to feel even a little bit nostalgic about *your* high school days. Be sure you stay until the very end for a humorous cameo from comedian Wayne Brady.

Wanna See Who Khalid Got His Talent From? Spoiler Alert: His Mom!

"My mom took it back to her girl group days" -- Khalid

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