If there is one thing El Pasoans love it's a Whataburger run. Whether it's for lunch or an after-the-bar burger run, Whataburger is the place to grab a great burger. If you want to show off your love of all things Whataburger, then you definitely need a pair of limited edition Whataburger cowboy boots made by Justin Boots.

Apparently Whataburger lovers were clamoring for some burger love for their feet, but people were pointing and laughing when they wandered around with Whataburger bags taped to their feet. Justin Boots stepped in and came up with the coolest fast food-inspired footwear ever. You can get your very own pair of Justin Boots Whataburger cowboy boots but you'll have to hurry. They are limited editions and once they're gone, they're gone.

Justin Boots are the real deal. Just look at what goes into the Whataburger boots and you'll realize why they are limited editions:

5.4 square feet of leather
105 steps in the production process
12,488 stitches in the Whataburger logo
120 days to make

Check out the Whataburger website to order your own pair. And stop wearing those Whataburger bags on your feet for god's sake.

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