For over thirty years, summertime has been Viva! El Paso time, but the lights of McKelligan Canyon won't be shining on the local production this year. Viva is no more.

The group that has been producing Viva! El Paso for 36 years, the El Paso Association for the Performing Arts, says a number of things conspired to shut down the show that told the story of 400 years of El Paso history. L

Luz Ramos, the president of the EPAPA, said after the City of El Paso put a manager in charge of McKelligan Canyon, Viva had to survive on ticket sales alone. Before the manager was appointed, the EPAPA had been in charge of managing the McKelligan Canyon Amphitheater and had income from concessions and group sales. That income now goes to the City, and Viva had to instead begin paying rent at McKelligan, something Ramos said the group couldn't cover.

The El Paso Community Foundation and Destination El Paso are taking over the running of Viva! El Paso, and the groups say they are working to bring Viva back to McKelligan Canyon next summer. This summer, you can still enjoy McKelligan Canyon every Thursday night with Cool Canyon Nights, and check out Movies in the Canyon every Friday and Saturday night.

For now, though, let's remember the glory that was Viva! El Paso!

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