It's a scary world out there. More than ever, it's important to keep an eye out for each other. Speaking up and pointing out what people need to be aware of when they venture out into the world.

No one is being overly cautious anymore. All of these concerns are valid that people experience. Being followed in the store, poisoned napkins in the door handle of your vehicle, people hiding underneath your car to cause harm.

Via: Laquanda Tilford
Via: Laquanda Tilford

It's hitting close to home. You know, my mom always said "Be aware of your surroundings. Find your exits when you get into a room." I thought that was the most annoying thing when I was younger, but now? Yeah, it's the first thing I tell my friends or family and her voice is constantly in my head saying it.

One TikTok user compiled a series of events that could happen to you in a place where we go without a second thought: the grocery store parking lot.

Check out the scenarios and what you should do:


The sad reality of our lives is that we aren't safe anywhere we go no. Always on high alert and aware of everything. I think the silver lining of this unfortunate reality is that we are all now looking out for each other way more than we ever did.

So, I'll leave you with some wise words from my mom: "Share your location. Let someone know where you are going before you go. When you walk into a room, already know how to get out of it in a hurry. Say something if you feel the tiniest bit off. Be aware of your surroundings always."

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