A video shows an El Paso chiropractor and presidential hopeful during a crazed and confusing moment ends up jumping a fence at Fort Bliss seeking protection as he fears for his life.

Local chiropractor Dr. Benjamin Leyva who was living in Dallas and El Paso launched his presidential campaign as an independent candidate earlier this year. According to KVIA he is a graduate of Hanks High School and was planning on running his campaign out of Dallas, TX.

Recent acts by the doctor have people wondering what is going on with him as he posted a video of himself on the run attempting to elude people he claims were trying to kidnap and chase him down.

In the video, Leyva says that he is privy to some inside information about human trafficking at high levels and after obtaining that information he was being followed by some people who tried to kidnap him but was able to flee. Leyva says that he isn’t sure who is following him but that he fears for his life and went to the police to report what had happened but they did nothing to help.

The next night, (the same day the video was taken) he says that the same two people who attempted to kidnap him began to follow him, so he began to video himself as he’s speeding away down I-10. Leyva is seen walking into another police station and they do nothing for him so he leaves and makes his way to Fort Bliss. As he drives to the army base, he is heard saying that the “safest place in El Paso is Fort Bliss” as he claims his life is in danger and needs protection. Leyva apparently jumps the fence and is immediately confronted by a soldier at gunpoint and arrested.

After watching this video it is apparent that Leyva is in a panic but so many other questions arise:

  • Is he having a mental breakdown?
  • Is he on drugs?
  • Is he in fact telling the truth and almost kidnapped?
  • Is his life in real danger?
  • Why didn’t the police at least question him when he walked into the police station?
  • What does he know about human trafficking?

We aren’t sure we’ll get all these questions answered but we hope this guy is safe and finds help or at least gets to tell his story to authorities and they investigate it further.


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