UTEP had wanted to begin providing COVID-19 vaccinations to its high-risk students, faculty, and staff as early as Wednesday but had to postpone those plans after their shipment of allotted vaccines was delayed.

The good news is that the almost 1,000 vaccine doses UTEP was scheduled to receive this week are not lost and the State confirmed they are still going to receive their shipment.  Unfortunately, the university had already made appointments for people and as a result of this delay, those appointments will now begin on Friday, January 22.  As a result, the staff at UTEP’s clinic will be ramping up it’s process in order to vaccinate 975 people over the course of Friday and Saturday instead of over a four-day period which would have started today.

In order to try and minimize instances like this going forward, UTEP officials clarified that they will now wait until future shipments have been confirmed, in-route, and with a clear delivery date before they begin making clinic appointments.

UTEP will be contacting individuals via e-mail who already had appointments scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in order to get them their vaccine on Friday or Saturday.

There have been some hiccups with the vaccine rollout (not only at UTEP), but we should all try and keep in mind that this is a massive undertaking, and some hurdles should be expected as everybody continues to review and refine their processes for maximum efficiency.

Hang in there a little longer if you can and continue to take measures to remain healthy in the meantime.

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