A while ago, I wrote a blog about my frustration with City Representative Eddie Holguin after he voted 'no' on building a downtown ballpark in anticipation of a Triple A baseball team coming to town.  You know I have a pretty big mouth when I get on my soapbox - well, now it's his turn.

Rep. Holguin will be in the studio tomorrow morning at 7:30 because that blog.  In case you don't remember what I said, or didn't read it in the first place, here is part of the blog:

"I got a little perturbed because, in my humble opinion, there is one Council member who consistently refuses to do his job, which is, man up and vote.  That person is Eddie Holguin.  He is notorious for voting no on just about everything that comes up.  He’ll vote no and then stand in front of the media and say, “I think this should have been put before the voters.”
The rest of the blog can be found here.
A little while has passed since that blog, but we got a letter on July 26th from Mr. Holguin's office that said, in part, "Any person reporting the news knows that it should be partial and unbiased.  It is apparent that you are not such a person. . .".  You can read the rest of the letter here.
So, 7:30 Monday morning, we'll hear from Rep. Holguin.  I'm sure he's not the only one whom I've ripped on their air who would like to give me a piece of their minds - he's just the only one who has shown that he has the guts to do so!  For that reason, I have great respect for Mr. Holguin.  After all, it's easy to sit back and take potshots at people when they don't have the opportunity to do the same.
Wait a minute - that's what I do for a living!  Is Mr. Holguin after my job?!

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