Let’s be honest, we could all use some extra cash right now. Life is always expensive and the state of Texas might be able to send some cash your way, because it’s your money anyway. Yes, there is $5 billion dollars in unclaimed cash and the state of Texas wants to return it to everyone who is owed the money.  

Recently, KHOU did a story about the unclaimed cash and how exactly cash goes unclaimed because no one ever likes to leave money laying around. According to the Texas Comptroller’s Office the money that goes unclaimed is because of things like abandoned bank accounts. These funds can also come from things like overpaying on medical or utility bills, while it might seem strange to over pay a bill, as you can tell it happens quite often.  

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There Are Items as Well as Cash 

I’ve heard of unclaimed cash before and even received a small check before, but I didn’t know the state would also claim items. These items mostly come from people not cleaning out their safety deposit boxes. If items go unclaimed, they eventually will be auctioned off online. 

How Do You Check If You’re Owed Cash or Have Unclaimed Items in Texas? 

It’s simple as the state of Texas has set up a website so you can check if you’re owed any cash or items. You can click here and enter your first and last name, if you are owed any cash or valuables you will need to show proof of ownership prior to claiming the items or cash. 

Fingers crossed you have cash on the waiting for you that you didn’t know about.  

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