Homeland Security seized $140,000 worth of unauthorized Covid 19 tests and supplies, according to the El Paso Times. These Covid 19 tests and supplies are fraudulent and unauthorized.

The problem is big enough that Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) has launched "Operation Stolen Promise". It's mission is to prevent and investigate illegal criminal activity surrounding COVID-19 related products. It's not just fake Covid 19 tests. The fraud also includes mislabeled masks, antiviral products and even diluted beach. CBP El Paso Director of Field Operation Hector Mancha told the El Paso Times "those purchasing PPE, cleaning supplies and other products in attempt to protect themselves during the pandemic should only do so through trusted and established providers.”

Which is difficult during a crisis such as this. I bought disposable face masks from a major retailer online a few months. I was supposed to have received them last week but high demand have delayed my shipment. So if you are having a hard time finding PPE, antiviral, gloves or masks, you are not alone. Just make sure if you do find what you're looking for, that it's from a legit source.

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