Who doesn't love museums? Especially if they're about the weird & wild stuff in the world. I did an article on some of the craziest & most unique museums you can visit in Texas, like the Border Patrol Museum that is EXCLUSIVE to El Paso. If you've never been to the Border Patrol Museum, here's a quick look inside.

Well I'm not the only one who loves weird museums. According to this list on TimeOut, the list gives 13 of the weirdest museums in the United States. There are 2 in particular that caught my eye; one in Texas & the one in New Mexico. Let's go to the Texas one first...

The National Museum of Funeral History: If you've ever wondered about how past U.S. presidents, popes, celebrities & bigger than life figures were buried, this museum is especially for you. Located in Houston, The National Museum of Funeral History showcases all kinds of different caskets, hearses, memorials from the United States & around the world. They show how the Japanese honor their dead, Day of the Dead, how people mourned centuries ago & they showcase jazz funerals.

In fact it was one of the stops showcased on The Texas Bucket List.

So that was the Texas location, now what about the one in New Mexico?

The International UFO Museum: Yes, the best place to learn about UFOs is of course located in the place where one crash landed in 1947. Located in Roswell, The UFO Museum is THE place for all things that are...alien to us.

There are plenty of aliens & spaceships are inside, including photos of people finding alien "artifacts". For us in El Paso, it's about a 3 and a half hour drive away, which isn't too far away either.

Hopefully El Paso will see its share of more weird & unique museums. Maybe we can start a museum on the history of Chico's...

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