For the FIRST time, Troy Aikman's "Eight Elite Light Lager" is available exclusively at Cinemark theaters! As of October 20, you can now purchase the NFL analyst's beer while enjoying the premier of DC’s Black Adam, and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, that comes out on Nov. 11.
The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback launched his beer back in February, and did a mini media tour in El Paso promoting it this summer. Check out this article from KISS to see how Aikman treated his friends and fans while he was here. You might be surprised!!
Courtesy: Mike Lopez
Courtesy: Mike Lopez

Aikman spoke to our news partners over at KVIA while promoting EIGHT, and reminisced on the days he spent in El Paso back in the late 90s when the Dallas Cowboys would hold scrimmages at the Sun Bowl.

"It wasn't even a pre-season game, and so it really struck me that the energy in the stadium that night was fantastic. Obviously a lot of Cowboys fans across the state in general, but especially here in El Paso, so it's great to be back."

The Texas-based beer is a clean and refreshing lager brewed with organic grains and no added adjuncts, fillers, or preservatives. It's perfect for moviegoers who want a local alcoholic beverage to enjoy alongside bingeworthy movie theatre popcorn while watching thrilling films on the big screen.

It's currently available at all 4 El Paso locations.

EIGHT is brewed following the Reinheitsgebot – a set of regulations of ingredients allowed in German beer. Simple, light, refreshing (& perfect for Oktoberfest!) Add it to the 13 other beers to try before October 31st! And go ahead and see a movie while you're at it.

#LiveLikeLuke Coffee Event in Memory of Luke Laufenberg

UTEP head football coach Dana Dimel and quarterback Gavin Hardison gathered with North Texas sports celebrities today to honor the memory of former UTEP football player Luke Laufenberg. 

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