Tripadvisor, and Stacked have compiled a list of the "highest rated pizza restaurants" in El Paso, and I am saddened that the number one spot isn't a local place! Pizza is very near and dear to me- it's my favorite food!

Actually, I have a few more problems with the list. The list has a total of 15 places around town and to kick off at number 15 is Peter Piper Pizza. How is that not even in the top five?! I haven't even told you what the number what spot is, but when I do tell you, I'm sure you'll even be saying "WTF?".

Coming in at number one is Grimaldi's Pizza. A pizza CHAIN! That hasn't even been in the Sun City that long! Here is the list in its entirety:

  • 15. Peter Piper Pizza
  • 14. Luigi's Homestyle Pizza
  • 13. Pieology Pizzeria
  • 12. St. Augustine Artisan Pizza and Craft Beer
  • 11. Speedy's Pizza
  • 10. Ardovino's Pizza (Zaragoza)
  • 9. Coco Miel
  • 8. House of Pizza Downtown
  • 7. Forma Pizzeria
  • 6. Ardovino's Pizza (Cincinnati)
  • 5. House of Pizza (Piedras)
  • 4. Ardovino's Pizza (Sean Haggerty)
  • 3. Cafe Italia
  • 2. Ardovino's Pizza (N. Resler)
  • 1. Grimaldi's Pizza
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That's a lot of Ardovino's! I've never been to Ardovino's but now I'm feeling like I'm missing out on something, am I? I find it hard to believe that Ardovino's could make the list FOUR times and Peter Piper only makes it once?!

Look, I'm not complaining, Grimaldi's is pretty good, but highest rated?!

How could The Pizza Joint not even be on the list?! That place has only been around a few years longer than Grimaldi's and it is bomb! Look at this deliciousness!


And how could House of Pizza not be the top one? Maybe it's just me, but House of Pizza has been consistent with how amazing they are!

El Paso, for shame that a pizza chain, that ISN'T Peter Piper Pizza, is the highest rated in town. Where else could you get a bomb pizza buffet (which I was happy to find out were back!)


Now, let's all go get a slice of pizza from our favorite local place and give them better reviews! Support local!

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