These are my reasons of why the El Paso Downtown Street Festival is by far my favorite event of all year.

  • The Food: There’s nothing else as enticing as street food in my book. The choices are many, from a nice fat juicy turkey leg, loaded nachos, street tacos or even a snow cone. Every year you have to plan ahead…do what we do, don’t eat all day until you get to the Street Festival, pig out then repeat the next day.
  • The Music: This years headliners are Bush and Third Eye Blind…if that wasn’t enough we have various stages through out downtown featuring latin, electronica, local, and indie music playing every night. It’s a musical rainbow that you can pick from.
  • The Fireworks: As you may know, fireworks have been banned from the city once again. Here is a chance for you to see some truly spectacular fireworks every night at the Street Festival.
  • The People: This is what makes the event so unique. Young and old, families and every one in between come out to enjoy the festival and revel in the fun.
  • The Vibe: With the people comes the vibe, the electricity that flows thru this event. There really is an energy that you can feel and it’s all about celebrating the 4th of July with the fireworks, every one singing along with the music, eating and just taking it all in and having a great time!

Don’t be left out of this year’s El Paso Downtown Street Festival, get your tickets today!