We all have our favorite scary movie that we love to watch especially during Halloween; see if your favorites made the list.

Night of the Living Dead

The Night of the Living Dead films began with the original 1968 movie directed by George A. Romero and was created with a small budget of just $114,000. This movie has been rated as one of the top 20 movies of all time by Entertainment Weekly and has seen two remakes with a total of five films directed by Romero rounding out this zombie franchise flick.

Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger became literally the stuff of nightmares in this movie franchise for Nightmare on Elm Street. Johnny Depp even had a small role in the original 1984 film and has since seen an expansion of the franchise with nine movies dedicated to Krueger and his nightly terrors along with a TV series and even comic books.

Child's Play

“Hi, I'm Chucky and I'm your friend till the end.” Child's Play's plot involving a soul entering an inanimate object such as a doll is so terrifying that it spawned six sequels from the original 1988 film. While Chucky keeps coming back in all seven films, the last one was most recently released on October 3, 2017 titled, Cult of Chucky.

Friday the 13th

The slasher film Friday the 13th with the hockey masked Jason, chasing after kids at Camp Crystal Lake has a total of twelve movies under its franchise belt. Friday the 13th has even been included in a crossover film with Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series in the 2003 film, Freddy vs. Jason.



Aptly named, Halloween is the most popular of the scary movie genre franchise films with the fictional character of Mike Myers at the helm. The original 1978 Halloween movie was written and directed by John Carpenter and has long been attributed with inspiring other mainstream slasher films. Since its inception of the original movie, nine other sequels have been released including an expansion into novels, comic books, a merchandise line and even video games.


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