Social media is so big this day in age, I think it is cool being able to see someone else's photos, daily news and so much more. I perused Instagram and decided to grab the top 10 Instagram photos with the hashtag #ItsAllGoodEP for the month of May. Did your photo make the list?

10.) This cutie was the first in May I spotted that was just too adorable to pass up. Cinco De Mayo at its best!

9.) Take in that beautiful view! Downtown El Paso is very unique, I just love it.

8.) The controversial lights of I-10 and Airway. I don't know what your take on these art structures is but I love them. Adds spice to our city.

7.) Two words that are a staple to El Paso...Chico's Tacos.

6.) Some fancy camera work here! Check out those ball players, Chihuahuas baseball rocks!

5.) The plaza theatre is one of the best places in El Paso to take in a show and as you can see Wicked is coming to El Paso. Fantastic photo.

4.) Another great night at the ballpark! These kiddos got to hang out with Chico.

3.) Taking in the view and some coffee. The Plaza theatre makes this picture pretty epic.

2.) Taking in some artwork at the museum. Very relaxing, great photo!

1.) Our city really is beautiful. you can take a great photo just about anywhere.