Are you an avid Instagram user? Have you posted some of the magnificent sky scenes right in your backyard? Check out these awesome posts, maybe one of your pictures made the cut.

El Paso sure does have some crazy weather, but that makes for some amazing sunsets, sunrises and cloud shots you'll ever see in a post and it's even better then you can capture them yourself and see the beauty right in front of your eyes like these El Pasoans did.

1.) This is an amazing shot of the lightning in one our freak El Paso storms. Check out those brilliant colors from the sunset it brought to the pic!

2.) Another example of how our crazy weather can make it stormy and dark on one side of town and sunny and beautiful on another all at the same time.

3.) These clouds are stunning!

4.) This shot is so inspirational. Mt. Cristo Rey in it makes is so much more glorious.

5.) Breathtaking sunsets are kinda our thing.

6.) I guess the Franklin mountains help the sky look a little bit more beautiful.

7.) Downtown feel to this one makes for a nice black and white.

8.) One of the things we don't mind about El Paso either.

9.) Those colors are always amazing!

10.) No words for this one.


If you have some amazing pictures of the El Paso skies don't be afraid to post them! These shots make us happy to live in such a beautiful nature scene every day.


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