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Toilet-Licking Challenge Starter Reportedly Tests Positive for COVID-19

A social media influencer from California who took part in a viral public toilet-licking challenge announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19. The influencer, known as "Larz and GayShawnMendes" on Twitter, announced his reported diagnosis on Twitter before his account was suspended. The challenge started on TikTok when a user filmed herself licking an airplane toilet. (via People)

American Behavior Changes With Onset of Coronavirus

A recent survey found that from the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Americans have been changing different parts of their life, including hygiene, distancing and prayer. A vast majority of those surveyed reported increases in behaviors such as washing hands and using sanitizer. 61% reported that they were engaging in some form of social distancing and 25% have been avoiding restaurants. 50% of those surveyed said they have prayed more. (via USC News)

Attend An Ivy League College for Free While in Quarantine

Class is back in session! Yale has put a free class online. Called "The Science of Well-Being," the goal of the course is learning how to be happier. A free college course is certainly a step in a happier direction for many students stuck in limbo during the coronavirus quarantine. A professor at the college chose to start teaching a class with this agenda when they realized alarming levels of student depression, anxiety and stress. (via K94.5)

Police Receive Paranoid Calls During 'Stay at Home' Orders

When the government said "stay at home" to help the spread of the coronavirus, many people listened... and have even taken things to the next level. The police have been receiving calls from neighbors ratting on each other. Calls about people exercising or eating outside in their yards, which aren't illegal activities, have been pouring in to the PD. It is important to take the COVID-19 crisis seriously but just as important to stay up to date on what specific instructions come along with orders like social distancing. (via TMZ)

Woman Arrested for Coughing on Produce Section

With everyone trying to stay healthy and abide by social distancing recommendations, a stunt like this one pulled in a Pennsylvania grocery store makes the skin crawl. After coughing all over a store's produce section, causing a massive waste of food, the offending woman was arrested and charged for what the grocery store owner thought to be a cruel prank. (via TMZ)

Steph Curry: Bring Back Sports!

In a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Steph Curry asked the question many Americans are wondering: When will sports come back? The video chat helped share as much information about the global crisis as possible, and also revealed that Curry had taken the COVID-19 test recently when he felt minor symptoms. (via TMZ)

Kanye Shares Plans for Massive Wyoming Ranch

West recently laid out just how extravagant his new home for his wife Kim Kardashian West and family will be: a 6,000-acre ranch in the state of Wyoming. Staying true to form, the artist plans a multitude of unique features. (via People)

Student Creates Virtual Prom and Graduation for Class of 2020

Watch the entire People Now episode on this feel good story, via People.

Even the Cheesecake Factory Can't Pay Rent Thanks to the Coronavirus 

Nearly 300 of the chain's stores reported that they can't make their April rent due to the spread of COVID-19 and the massive affect it has had on the restaurant industry. (via CNN)

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