Some places of employment may frown upon dating amongst co-workers but if not sometimes you can find a love connection! Of course dating someone superior to you or vice versa is treading dangerous waters, but a co-worker could be the love of your life! Before you start getting serious, here are some things to take into consideration.

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    Don't Go To Lunch Together All The Time

    Let's face it, lunch is the recess of the adult world and can be fun with someone you're romantically interested in, but don't make it a everyday thing! You can fall into a boring routine and in the worst case start hating lunch time. So keep it weekly, monthly and even go with other co-workers. It helps keep the relationship fresh!

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    Work Is Work

    Don't EVER treat work as extended "quality time". This is only cause for disaster, both professionally and personally. Keep quality time away from work and make it special.

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    Don't Keep It A Secret

    I was reading an article from a girl whom was dating someone at work and they decided to keep it a secret, until one day another co-worker told her "you aren't fooling anyone", needless to say she was mortified. If your workplace doesn't look down upon dating then don't keep it a secret. It just makes people look foolish and can make way for rumors and gossip. Not good. Simple as that, in the midst of dating a co-worker tell the appropriate authorities, HR, management, etc. Ensure them that a professional manner will be practiced at the workplace and let them know it will not affect your work. And keep those words.

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    Make A Plan

    In the case of a break up you need to both agree to be adult about it and not let it affect your workplace or work. This is crucial if you want the relationship to succeed.

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    Don't Stop Flirting

    Send flirtatious text messages! you're crazy about it but aren't allowed to show it so be discreet and flirty...believe me it will pay off!

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    If one of you manages the other, don't date. Period.