Olive Garden is pretty tasty if you're looking for Italian food on a budget and most of us are familiar with their unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks option. It's a great deal and a lot of food, making it incredibly popular among customers.

Have you ever thought about trying to order it to-go so that you can enjoy it in your jammies? I have, and it appears I am not alone. TikToker @gloryyy38 figured out a way to take that great deal home with her.

Here's how she made it happen:

According to their website, the deal is only available for customers that choose to dine in, but several former servers claim that their restaurants allowed customers to take that great deal on the road.

Here are a few of their comments about the TikToker's sneaky hack:

"As an ex Olive Garden server, if you had just told me what's up I would have brought out all the soup at once so I wouldn't have to walk as much"

"As an Olive Garden server, I can tell you we will give you the 5 bowls of soup for free. It's not that serious."

"As an OG server just tell me how much soup you want and I'll bring them all out to go. We honestly don't get paid enough to care lol"

Some in the comments are calling this woman a genius. Others seem to think it's a bit unethical. I'm willing to do most things for free food. I'm not above giving it a shot... Anybody want to go to Olive Garden?

I'll bring the Tupperware if you don't mind causing a distraction...

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