TikTok is a magical tool that teaches you things you never know you needed, in exchange for your quality time.

Seriously, you could spend hours just scrolling and not even notice. It was the app that many used during the pandemic to stay sane, so give it the credit, where credit is due.

Some people have stopped using TikTok, some have become famous for it. Again, I can't figure out how to become a social media star, but @IammatthewJordan did with his high-quality TikToks.

He focuses on random topics for some of his videos but a few of the videos he creates involve how far places are from El Paso, Texas.

This is something many Texas love to brag about. Texas is so big, sometimes it is closer to go to other states than to come to El Paso. For @Iammatthewjordan, he loves to shock you with how far El Paso, Texas is from other places.

Being married to a trucker, he is always telling me how many miles he is away from home. I suck at math so I am always just asking him to tell me when he is coming home because I can't figure out all the math.

When I scrolled across @Iammattthewjordan's TikTok, I had Google do the math for his TikTok proclamation about Texarkana being closer to Chicago than El Paso.

According to Google, Texarkana is 813.5 miles away from El Paso, Texas, which would take 11 hours and 49 minutes to get to in a vehicle. This is probably the longest trip I have taken with my Husband on the road and I didn't even notice the time or miles back then.

Texarkana to Chicago is only a few miles less at 792.2 miles, which would take 11 hours and 29 minutes to get to. Wow.

@iammatthewjordan Did you know? #texas #texascheck #chicago #texashumor #geography #elpasotx ♬ use this sound if your gay - 🗿

Now that he has wowed me with Texarkana, @iammatthewjordan then points out another far Texas town using Dallas to St. Louis, Dallas to El Paso.

@iammatthewjordan Did you know? #dallas #dallastx #elpaso #elpasotx #stlouis #texas #geography ♬ Own Brand Freestyle - FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac

El Paso is closer to the Pacific Ocean than the Gulf of Mexico. WOW.

@iammatthewjordan Did you know this? #elpaso #elpasotx #texas #geography #pacificocean #gulfofmexico ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Texas is huge and TikTok will continue to show me just how big it really is.

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