Thomas Rhett has been said to be Country Music next crossover artist for a few years now and I’ve even seen articles refer to him as the male Taylor Swift! His new song Marry Me could be the one 2018 wedding song that would be the equivalent of putting up its dukes against Ed Sheeran’s love ballad Perfect! Being a fan of Thomas Rhett it’s the right time for him to detail his personal love experience considering his recent new growing family. Thomas Rhett and his boo adopting a baby girl and then shortly after had a baby girl of their own. In a funny turn of events, the internet seems to be ignoring Thomas’ music but swooning over his obsession with his new family by making memes of Rhett styled with funny, dramatic phrases like “I hope my future husband looks at me the way that Thomas Rhett looks at his girl.” Rhett will play a show in Las Cruces, New Mexico at the Pan American Center April 7, 2018.

Enjoy the video for Marry Me below:

2017 CMA Music Festival - Day 3
Getty Images

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