Streetfest is right around the corner, and Saturday night, June 29th, Third Eye Blind will take the Budweiser main stage and rock your socks off.  But if you want your Third Eye to be wide open so you can totally enjoy the show, here's how you do it.

Your Third Eye is located smack between your eyes, and sometimes it manifests physically as a zit of Vesuvian proportions, but usually it's just closed, and that's a shame because when it's open, it can make you a god!!!!!! *with a little 'g'*

There are 3 easy steps to opening your Third Eye:

1.  Relax.  Imagine a brilliant, white cloud over your head that as you breathe in and out, absorbs all your tension from head to toe as it moves down your body.

2.  Focus all your attention to the center of your forehead between your eyes.  You'll start to feel pressure.  Don't be alarmed - this is just your "God Self' waiting to be unleashed!

3.  As you exhale, make the sound "AH" and feel the power of your Third Eye moving out of your Third Eye.  Now, be careful, because you'll be approaching your "God Self", and you don't want anyone to get hurt by all that power shooting out of your forehead!

Some suggestions for this newfound power:

1.  Will your dog to the fridge to get you an ice cold beer.

2.  Compel Vampire Bill and Eric to come to your house and bite you!

3.  Make the dj's at KISS FM give you free tickets to Streetfest so you can check out Third Eye Blind!


See you at Streetfest for Third Eye Blind!

Third Eye Blind To Play El Paso Downtown Streetfest
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