Dr Pepper fans in El Paso brace yourselves – There seems to be a Dr Pepper shortage thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Ok - Who’s hoarding all the DP?

On Monday @drpepper posted:

Dr Pepper Twitter
Dr Pepper Twitter

Dr Pepper has gained a loyal following since it was established in 1885 and now with a spike in demand during the pandemic the popular soda pop availability is coming up short in some parts of the U.S.

Are people panic buying Dr Pepper like toilet paper?

That might not be the case, according to previous news reports, a combination of factors may have put sodas in short supply. Back in April, suppliers of carbon dioxide fell short on filling orders to their brand partners and just last month there was a shortage of aluminum cans for both beer and soda products.

Die-hard Dr Pepper fans in El Paso can rest easy because Dr Pepper assures that they are working with its distributing partners to ensure that the popular soda pop is stocked on shelves across the nation.


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