There is an El Paso man that you may spot around town with some heavy equipment. When you're cruising around or taking a stroll you may notice him around town with a crowd sometimes. Chris Grohusko gets quite the attention at certain businesses where he can gather quite a crowd.

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Some of you call him the telescope man and others know him for El Paso Telescope Cafe. Chris Grohusko is the man you spot at different places with his telescope around El Paso. He has been giving El Pasoans the opportunity to see further out into space for quite some time now.

Chris Grohusko will pick a different spot every time he sets up somewhere in El Paso. He enjoys getting others excited about astronomy. You can check out an old clip from Abc 7 News just below.

Chris Grohusko will pick somewhere like a local business and set up his telescope for you to check out the stars and more. So if you were at El Cometa on Halloween night, then you spotted him and his famous telescope.

A lot of us don't own the kind of telescope Chris Grohusko personally owns. The telescope he uses isn't cheap and costs quite the penny.

If you don't have enough to fork over for your own telescope to see a better view of the sky, just hit him up. Chris Grohusko is always more than happy to motivate others to learn about astronomy.

So if you ever see Chris Grohusko out and about feel free to approach him and check out the stars and possibly more.

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