It appears you won't be able to swing a dead cat and not hit a Pennywise this Halloween.

According to Google's Halloween costume tracker, Frightgeist, the evil clown from the horror movie IT is the 2019 most searched for costume in El Paso this All Hallows' Eve.

And El Pasoans aren’t the only ones who want to terrify friends, co-workers, and other party-goes, either. The IT costume is also the most searched for in Texas and the nation.

So if clowns – especially creepily grinning, ghostly skin clowns – make you want to run screaming in the opposite direction, make sure you and your Losers Club stick together this Halloween because Pennywise might be lurking around the corner.

Most searched couples’ costumes:
• Lilo and Stitch
• Bonnie and Clyde
• Cosmo and Wanda
• Adam and Eve
• Cheech and Chong

Most searched group costumes:
• Descendants
• Fortnite
• Stranger Things
• 1980s
• Toy Story

Most searched baby costumes:
• Banana
• Dalmatian
• Grinch
• Pennywise
• Stay Puft Man from Ghostbusters

Most searched dog costumes:
• Chucky
• Ewok
• Spider
• Pennywise
• Dinosaur

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