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Howdy! Here is what’s sitting sexy at the top of my playlist! My playlist is called “Cake & Piñatas” so that might give you a clue of what to expect. I like to the my taste is all over the place but I’ve just always been a pop guy so you’ll find that my choices are usually easy on the ears, fun, dancy, and not hard to digest. There won’t be a lot of aquired taste selections in my 6! Check out this month’s picks for you to add to your playlist. They are at the top of mine! Enjoy!


Fergie - Enchanté

Fergie features her son Axl Jack in hook of this tune and Kendall Jenner in the music video! I was rooting for Fergie since her album The Duchess was so litty and I’m really happy with her new material; the visual album Double Duchess!

Miami Horror - Leila

Miami Horror always delivers in my eyes and this laid back heartbreak tune reminds me of shopping around Austin not too long ago. I love how sweet the song sounds but it’s about a sad day in this guy’s life!

Maroon 5 - What Lovers Do

I cannot and will not stop ranting and raving about the album CTRL by SZA and I am SHOOK that she’s on this new Maroon 5 track! CTRL is definitely more into it’s vibes and not as pop-driven as 'What Lovers Do' but SZA’s signature sound against Maroon 5’s sweet smooth operator anthems are heaven to me!


J Balvin - Mi Gente

Mi Gente is playing every time I step into a club in El Paso and now with Beyonce jumping on the remix of the J Balvin banger, could this song be the next Despacito? While, I didn’t think Beyonce’s contribution was life-changing or anything, it’s nice to see a big popstar jump on a Reggaeton track. Beyonce is donating the proceed of the Mi Gente remix to hurricane relief and that deserves a tip of the hat.

Zeds Dead - Slow Down

The remix of Zeds Dead 'Slow Down' is a dance song with some of the most obvious but heartbreaking lyrics I’ve heard in a little while. The opening verse is about reconnecting with an old flame and inciting sweet memories in an effort to rekindle a romance that once was. Then comes the request for time to “slow down” for the couple to better enjoy their connection. SHOOK.

Brenton Wood - Baby You Got It

Ok, so I’m corny and this song played in the movie Home Again starring Reese Witherspoon. The film is about a woman who is recently separated and celebrating her 40th birthday. She runs into a young dude at the club and her sweeps her off her feet and in the middle of romantic scene that make you believe in true love, Brenton Wood starts to play and so I had to add it to my life experience because there is a chill in the air and the holidays are coming so it’s perfect time to fall in love. Lol, how annoying. I know. Enjoy!



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