I Like Scary Movies

El Paso has some fun things to do around town like our beloved Western Playland, Wet-N-Wild Waterworld and even just walking around our malls. Of course, El Paso could always use some new things to experience, especially when they are horror themed. Some people might not know El Paso has a big horror community. When it comes to zombie walks, ghost tours, and special horror movie screenings, El Pasoans come out in full force to scream their hearts out.

While I was in Los Angeles, I took some time to enjoy, I Like Scary Movies, an interactive art installation. On July 14th, the art installation closes the doors in Los Angeles, California, but like every good horror villain, it will rise from the dead.

Rumor has it, they could be bringing Beetlejuice's grave, the "Lost Boys'" bridge, Freddy Kruger's boiler room from "The Nightmare on Elm Street," the Overlook Hotel from "The Shining" and even Pennywise's lair from "IT" to Texas. Not sure exactly where in Texas but I think the El Paso horror community should rally together to convince the experimental artist Maximilian to set up this art popup in the Sun City.

My fellow El Pasoans might argue the price of the tickets because they always do, but true horror fans will appreciate the art. For those who aren't as appreciative of certain movies, like how I feel about "The Shining" might pass on the event but it would be a grave mistake. Fingers crossed for El Paso to be the next stop on this crazy, cool horror experience.

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