If you were out and about running errands near George Dieter over the weekend then you may have seen some classic entertainment. Now I call it classic entertainment simply because it reminds me of the times I had paid many visits to Juarez in the past.

There is so much some of us miss about visiting Juarez when we reminisce about the good old days.

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You will either remember it for the partying, the food, or the entertainment you spot while driving in Juarez. If you're having to question what street entertainment then you were probably at the wrong lights at the wrong time.

But I remember always getting excited and asking my dad to give the jugglers or musicians some money. As soon as the light would turn red you would see a dude run in front of the cars and juggle a few bowling pins for monetary donations.

Now you know how crazy driving is in Juarez which makes it very dangerous for those street performers. El Paso drivers are no different since we also have our fair share of bad drivers.

It seems like the juggling tricks you would see while visiting Juarez have hit the El Paso streets as well.

This past Saturday, I almost felt like I was in Juarez again while I was in El Paso.

Some performers were throwing down some entertainment on George Dieter & Gateway West to entertain the drivers while they wait for the light to turn green. I managed to take a picture of the dude after he finished his juggling set.

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